Today in the field of Casino, they are now accepting cryptocurrencies especially Bitcoin. Cloudbet is one of the most popular casino sites in the world and so today we will do Cloudbet review.

Popular Casino site : Cloudbet

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency. It is a currency that does not depend on any state or supranational Bank and, therefore, is not controlled by anyone.

This does not mean that its value is random, much less. It is based on blockchain technology which implies that its counterfeiting is practically impossible since everyone can have access to all transactions. It is transparent as an accounting book.

Because of the Bitcoin, casino sites have also started accepting Bitcoin.

Advantages of Bitcoin casinos:

•    Privacy: No need to give personal information to play.

•    No limits: For players who want to bet what they want.

•    Taxation: No need to declare profits in Bitcoin.

•    Play from foreign countries: Allow players from countries where the casino is not licensed.

Cloudbet Review:

After talking about the advantages of Bitcoin casinos in general, it’s time to talk about Cloudbet itself.

It is a casino founded in 2013 with a license from Curacao. This allows it to operate in virtually the entire world and also guarantees the reliability and security of all its games.

Cloudbet review
Bitcoin Casinos : Cloudbet

It has both sports and casino bets, although we are only going to analyze what interests us, casino, they have one of the best online sports betting bitcoin service. And it’s a great casino, as you’re going to check.

The Cloudbet Casino is quite big. You will not get bored and you will surely find those games that you are looking for right away. More than anything because it currently has over 900 games available on its website.

Yes, it is very complicated that you can play at all.

But the good thing is that the interface is quite practical and there is also a search engine that allows you to get to the game you want in a second.

The best thing to say is that in Cloudbet Casino bonus there are two large sections, ‘Casino’ and ‘Live Casino’.

Cloudbet Casino:

As we have said, the interface is really practical, so everything is easily found in Cloudbet. Its learning curve is very small.

What types of games?

As practically all types, there is no more to see the different subsections available.

Cloudbet: Featured games:

Slots: All the slots are here, of all the themes and of all the available classes

Jackpot slots: All jackpot slots, which give the best prizes

Table Games: Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Poker, and a lot more. In short, all the table games of a casino. Read more about table games here.

Video Poker: The best Video Poker that can be found in any casino

Instant Win: Do you like ‘scratch and win’? Well here are the online versions of this type of games in which you can win great prizes instantly.

Cloudbet review
Online Casino Site : Cloudbet Review

Deposit and withdrawal of funds:

As Cloudbet is a Bitcoin casino, the only way to deposit money and withdraw it is through Bitcoin.

The process is very simple. Thanks to a QR code you can make a transfer from the Bitcoin deposit you want to the casino and vice versa.

And unlike the other payment methods available in most casinos, this process is immediate, both to deposit and withdraw.

In addition, it is also totally safe. There is no problem since the process is controlled by the Bitcoin system that each user uses.

The mobile app:

Cloudbet Casino bonus has no mobile application at the moment, neither in iOS nor in Android. However, that does not mean that you cannot play in your casino from any mobile or tablet.

The web is responsive and both the interface and its games are adapted to any screen size and the touch function of these terminals, so you can enjoy Cloudbet from the browser without any problem.

Social networks:

Cloudbet has an open account on both Facebook and Twitter, although it is much more active in the latter. In it, we find the different promotions that are taking out as well as the most interesting sports bets for each moment.

Countries where it is available:

Being a Bitcoin casino and, therefore, not having to comply with the laws indicated for casinos with real money, Cloudbet Casino bonus is available worldwide through its Curacao license.

Bitcoin is not legal tender and, therefore, its use for games is not restricted anywhere.

Therefore, all people from any part of the world can enter Cloudbet unless, in the country where they reside, online gambling is explicitly prohibited.

Security, can we trust Cloudbet?

Although Cloudbet is a Bitcoin casino and some may not offer much confidence, what you have to say is that this cryptocurrency is really safe.

You only need to read a little about it to realize the trust that millions of people around the world have.

Cloudbet is licensed by Curacao, one of the most used in the world, by hundreds and hundreds of casino. The confidence in it is total, thanks mainly to her efficiency.

In addition, the Cloudbet casino website has the COMFORCE ECC Domain Validation Secure Server certificate CA 2 that guarantees the reliability of the page and its total security. The padlock icon ensures this.

The best customer service:

In Cloudbet Review we found a very efficient customer service, which allows us to answer any questions in a few minutes. You just have to ask anything on the button on the bottom right and the Live Chat service answers immediately.

Also, if they are not available, you can leave a message and in a short time, you will have the answer.

Obviously, customer service has little to do with security, but the trust offered by a Live Chat is not given by hundreds of certificates, really. If someone answers, it is always more reliable.