How to get an Ethereum Wallet? Before we can receive Ethereum, we need a particular place to store it. In the world of cryptocurrencies, that place or space is called a wallet or e-Wallet.

Actually, it is a piece of software that will allow us to store our funds, make transactions easily and review the balance when we need it.

Ethereum Wallet :

It should be noted that Ethereum’s wallets do not work like usual physical wallets. Actually, our Ethers will not be stored in our wallet or anywhere else.

The Ether, like any other cryptocurrency, does not exist in any tangible form. All that exists are records in the Blockchain, and our wallet will only interact with the Blockchain to enable the transactions that we want to execute within that network. How to deposit with ethereum?

How to get an Ethereum wallet?
Ethereum wallet

How to get an Ethereum wallet?

It is very important to manage your ethers safely. We assist you so that you can buy and sell ethers, but you are responsible for managing them. This is the beauty of cryptocurrencies, you are your own bank.

How to manage your ethers? You create an ether wallet, which is similar to a digital bank account for your cryptocurrencies. Luckily, creating one is quite simple. On this page, we will explain all the details of creating an Ethereum wallet. read more about Ethereum wallet here.

What is an Ether wallet?

An ether wallet is similar to a digital bank account to send, receive and manage your ether. You can use our platform to buy or sell ether. However, we do not manage your currencies for you. You do it yourself in your ether wallet.

Ethereum (ETH), launched in 2015, is the second most valuable cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. Ethereum has been very successful in the gaming sector thanks to its computerized blockchain. It is the reason for the appearance of smart contract casinos. There a lot of  online bitcoin betting sites who also offers deposits in Ethereum.

Which Ethereum Wallet should I choose?

There are several possibilities to manage your ether. Each wallet has its own characteristics and there are different levels in relation to ease of use and security.

There are mobile wallets that can be accessed through your mobile phone. The software wallets that you download to your computer; and the hardware wallets, these are physical devices that you connect to your computer.

The choice of the ether wallet depends on several factors. Have you just started to trade cryptocurrencies, or do you already have more experience? Do you want to buy only a small amount, or invest a large sum? In the summary below you can see which wallet is most suitable for your situation.

How to create an Ethereum Wallet?

Do you buy ether for the first time? Then, a mobile wallet is the fastest, easiest and user-friendly option. One of the most used mobile wallets to manage your ether is the BRD wallet. Today BRD is the fastest growing crypto wallet.

Use BRD wallet to keep your cryptography safe on iPhone and Android.

How can I send and receive ether?

When you buy ether, you want to make sure you receive it correctly. It is important to use the address of receipt of your wallet.

The receiving address:

In most wallets, the receiving addresses can be found under the ‘Receive’ button.

An ether receiving address always starts with 0x. This is an example: 0x2b4d87eff06f22798c30dc4407c7d83429aa9abc. While in most bitcoin wallets the address may change, the direction of receipt of the ether wallet always remains the same.

Have you purchased ethers before at BTC Direct? Then you will also find the reception address in the transaction history.

To receive:

To receive ether in your wallet, copy the receipt address of your wallet, and paste it into your BTC Direct order form. Then, paste the address in the BTC Direct order form.


Sending ether is very simple! Click on ‘Send Ether & Tokens’ and log in to your wallet. Enter the receiving address that you copied from the recipient. Enter how much you want to send, and confirm.

Please note that a transaction fee must be paid for each transaction. This is a contribution to the Ethereum network for processing your transaction. You can check Ether Gas Station to determine if you want to increase or decrease the transaction rate. However, in most cases, the default configuration is sufficient.

How to get an Ethereum wallet?
How to get an Ethereum wallet?

Keep in mind – Important points:

Both to receive and to send ether, always copy and paste the reception address. Do not write or write down the address. This decreases the risk of making an error. All cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible. Once the coins are sent, there is no way to recover them.

Security and backup:

You are responsible for managing your ether safely. That’s why it is important to keep your digital wallet secure, just like you would with your physical wallet. If your wallet is not secure enough, hackers will be able to access and steal your coins.

The best way to keep your wallet secure is to keep your private key offline. Print and save the document securely. Do not take photos since most devices are connected to the internet, and therefore are vulnerable to being in danger.

What is stored in our wallet is the “private key”, a password that we will need to close transactions and unblock the currencies that we have within the network. It is not necessary to clarify that our private key must be kept a secret if we want to avoid being robbed of all our Ethers.


Now you know what an ether wallet is and how to create one. You have learned what a receiving address is and how to use it if you want to buy ether. We have also explained how to protect your wallet.